Statements from Pedro de Senna and Solomon Lennox

Pedro de Senna’s Statement:

Last year I was co-opted to the SCUDD Executive in an interim capacity, tasked with creating an action plan to map, assess and increase the level of diversity in our discipline in HE. I am now delighted to be joining the Exec for the next three-year term, when I expect to be able to bring this to full fruition. Work has already begun, and I look forward to collaborating with colleagues across the country in this exercise, as well as working closely with the Conference in other matters concerning our subject domain. I am particularly interested in internationalisation, both of our student body and the discipline itself, and intend to pursue avenues to establish links with similar subject associations abroad.

Solomon Lennox’s Statement:

I am delighted to have been nominated and appointed to the position of Treasurer for SCUDD. I will be taking over from Dr Victor Ramirez Ladron De Guevara in April. I am currently in post as Lecturer in Theatre Studies at the University of East London. I am passionate about the role SCUDD plays in providing support and resources to colleagues working within the disciplines of Theatre, Drama and Performing Arts. Equally, I am excited by the role SCUDD can play in responding to and shaping current discourse about the future of our disciplines.